If you don't see a service below that fits your me at 303-808-1770. I will listen to your needs and make sure we can find the right solution for you!

Services to Fit Every Need...

Tricia Bass Beautiful Spaces specializes in transforming homes and offices.  I provide staging services, transforming your home into what a potential buyer is looking for.  I also provide fun and productive redesign and styling for your home that reflects your family's style and needs.  I can help you take the boring out of your office and during the holidays I even provide home decorating services, but book early for this.  One more exciting new service...ask me about getting your newly purchased home unpacked, organized, styled and fully functioning in just days!   It's truly remarkable, no more lingering unpacking months!

Occupied Staging and Design


In this comprehensive and fun two-hour consultation, we will be using a detailed Staging Report/Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to get the home the best price possible!

  • We can start with a quick phone interview so you can tell me your needs and your goals. 
  • I will come to your home and after a short meeting to explain the process and need for professional staging, we will do a walk through of your space and begin to determine optimal strategies that will have a positive emotional impact on your potential  buyers.
  • A detailed report will be emailed to you within 48 hours so you can get moving fast, it includes my "Closet Organization Checklist" so you won't miss a beat.

(This includes up to two hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $70 hourly rate)


This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically staging some of the main areas of the home.  You can choose this four hour hands-on staging half-day after we have done the  "consultation and detailed written report" listed above, or you can skip the written report and get right to work.   If you do not do the staging report option listed above, I might suggest that you have me over before hand just for a meet and greet and a quick walk through of your home where we can just talk about some things you can do to get started.  That is a $70.00 per hour fee (see below) and will usually take us one to one and a half hours.  Then  you can schedule me to come back and we will get right to work on staging one to three of the most important rooms in your home.   This is a good option if you are in a time crunch.   Time spent per room varies with your preparedness!   You can always add on another hour or two to a half day of staging and if you have a really big job you can plan for more help.  I will help you get this job done!

  • We will make huge transformations using just what you have to make the most of each space!
  • I can bring in a few gorgeous staging accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list to get higher impact photos.  Don't want to shop?  Ask me about renting an accessory package or my professional power shopping service.
  • We will work for up to 4 hours in the home with additional hours billed at my $70.00 hourly rate

Home should be prepped and cleaned prior to my arrival.   Ask me for details on this.

$70.00  Introduction and planning

Would you feel more comfortable just getting to know me and learning a little about home staging?    In this option I will share my "Top 10 Reasons For Hiring a Home Stager" and give you a general checklist called "Getting Ready To Sell".   I will also share some important information and credentials about me.  We will talk about your dates and deadlines and get a consultation and/or a half-staging day on the calendar.   I will be happy to do a very quick, 30 minute walk through of just the main areas of the home.  Plan for a total of one to one and a half hours of my time and yours for this "meet and greet" package.  If you want more time with me on this first visit I should be able to accommodate at my hourly rate. 

  • Includes "Top Ten Reasons For Hiring A Home Stager"
  • Includes a generalized checklist for "Getting Your Home Ready To Sell"


Remember that I am an EXPERT SHOPPER who can save you  money because I know WHERE and WHAT to shop for, and I can get a "to the trade" discount at many places!


Homes that are empty are in special need of staging and I can help. 

  • Starting with a home assessment, I can deliver a quick estimate and proposal that provides an option to fit every budget
  • Partnering with furniture rental companies or "to the trade" suppliers,  I will assist you in selecting top quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that guarantees a buyer will "fall in love".   I will bring in my personal, carefully selected accessory packages, which are very affordable and include beautiful, finishing touches to complete the look. 

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to staging day.
I am very happy visit your site and give you a rough estimate for your job at no cost.   This will be a quick visit and I will share some reasons why you should stage your vacant property.   When measuring and furniture selection begins however, a $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required.   Thanks for your understanding